5 Benefits of Online AutoCAD Courses

online autocad courses

There are a great number of benefits to learning AutoCAD, and with CADRVT now offering Online AutoCAD courses, you can learn the skills you need to further your professional career in an easy and comfortable online setting.

AutoCAD is a computer-aided design (CAD) software that is commonly used by architects, engineers and construction based roles. This software is relied upon to create a precise 2D or 3D drawing. For these professions, it is important to know how to use this software to the furthest extent, with knowledge of drafts, annotations and designs in both 2D geometry and 3D models – including surfaces, solid and mesh objects to give the most detailed and informative drawings possible.

Learning the skills and becoming adept in the world of Auto CAD is crucial to a career in Architecture, Engineering and Construction based roles. There are many benefits to completing a AutoCAD course online that will excel you in any of these fields, but here are five we think are key to your development:


1. Choosing a Career Path

If you are a student nearing the end of your studies and looking at the world of university and career paths ahead of you, or if you are considering any roles in the fields of architecture, engineering, interior design or alike, these online AutoCAD courses will be a great benefit to you. As a common prerequisite or preferable skill for subjects in this area, completing an AutoCAD course before you begin will give you a huge leg up into your future studies. Being literate in Auto CAD had great benefits to ease you into many subjects in this area, ensuring you will feel comfortable and excel in all areas related.


2. Boosting Your Portfolio

In a highly competitive job market, boosting your portfolio with outstanding work is a must to stand out in a crowd of applicants. Distinguishing your skills and proving you are ahead of the pack will be an advantage that will see you more likely to secure a job compared to peers. In the field of architecture, engineering or design, this understanding of technical skills such as AutoCAD and other computer aided design tools is a huge edge, and a win in the eyes of potential employers.


3. Acquiring a New Skill for your Future

Learning new skills within your interest field is a great way to develop your personal and professional experience. Completing an Auto CAD online course can serve you well into the future, with hobbies and career paths that match your interests. Whether it be 3D printing, building, furniture design, interior design or alike, the skills you will learn in an AutoCAD course will set you up to accomplish any goal.


4. Understanding CAD Software Applications

While a focus on AutoCAD in this course will give you a wide range of skills to understand this software, it also aids in the basic knowledge and technical understanding of other CAD software applications. AutoCAD is one of the most-used programs for this type of design, but there are also many other CAD software applications that model in 2D and 3D in a similar way. Having a comprehensive knowledge of AutoCAD makes learning how to use more advanced CAD Software Applications a lot easier than if you were starting from scratch.


5. Securing Work and Earning Money

There are many ways that you can secure work and earn money using the knowledge you have learnt from these online AutoCAD Courses. While boosting your portfolio and standing out amongst applicants is one, you can also use this skill to secure freelance work. An understanding of computer aided design can be used across a range of roles, using 2D and 3D modeling to complete simple or complex designs when the need arises.


CADRVT Online AutoCAD Courses

Michael at CADRVT has a wide range of software experience ranging from civil, structural, architectural, P&ID, tele-communications and retail. Michael after many years of working in support roles, training university lecturers and providing presentations and demonstrations now dedicates all of his time into CAD training, offering affordable training in Sydney or any location online when requested.

In this dedicated training, you will get a good understanding of the AutoCAD software for your drawing and design process. This training is conducted in a small, interactive and dedicated group for you to learn the software faster and more comfortably, in the best learning environment possible.


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